Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inspiration: the 60s

The cultural revolution in America in the 60s sparked a revolution in fashion. By the early 1960s, the age of innocence and poodle skirts was over. The 60's marked a major stepping stone in fashion. I find it remarkably interesting that the clothes we think of as modern today were actually quite popular in the 60s. Here are some photos I have collected highlighting the great fashion moments of the 60s. Gotta love jumping pictures!

 cred: Google images,, flickr, Richard Avedon


T.A. said...

LOVE the 60's! <3 Good post!

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carolina said...

love these photos. <3

Meekay said...

Love it!

Luca said...

I absolutely understand why this is your inspiration!
I love it!

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La Mode En Rose said...

nice selection of photos!
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Erica Wark said...

I love twiggy AND the 60's! Great photo inspiration!

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