Monday, August 8, 2011

Acne AW11 Admiration

Warning: this blog entry may contain some dangerously bad puns, try to catch them all if you dare.  

All the more proof that Acne has left a mark deep beneath the surface of the world of fashion: although this line broke out onto the fashion scene several months ago, I have only just discovered that I am borderline obsessed with Acne's AW11 collection. Yet again, Acne has taken the proactive approach when it comes to its trend-setting clothes.This edgy, fun collection is brimming with those rare runway outfits I would actually be caught wearing strolling about the town. Its edgy blazers and buckles balance out soft rosy hues to create perfectly polished and confident outfits. And do not get me started on the men's collection. Like its namesake, these bold acne trousers really pop! Bright colors peaking out of slick, neutral suits, keep this line youthful yet classy. This collection really makes me envious of menswear. 
All jealousy aside, one thing is for certain: this collection's trends won't be clearing up anytime soon!


Ev said...

nicee :)

Anonymous said...

Acneee <3
Lovely post ;)


Armani's-Thoughts said...

this post is amazing I love all the different outfit