Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to School

cashmere sweater - partially thrifted, shorts - Forever XXI, belt - vintage, rings - boutique in Ashland + Forever XXI

Sorry for the major lack in posts, I have been trying to stay incredibly organized this year, so as to make the whole process of college applications easier for myself in the near future. I will definitely try to post more now that I am finally settled into my classes. Speaking of school...first week of school: complete. Five classes, done with the school day at 12:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and no math class.  I think it's safe to say that overall, senior year will be awesome.  Also speaking of school, this was my first day of school outfit! Very simple, very comfortable.. that last word pretty much embodying the whole essence of a high school senior. It's sweaters like this one that make me yearn for fall's breezy weather (especially since I was broiling in this outfit in 82 degree weather). Not sure if it can classify as thrifted, since I bought it at (what I think was a used clothing store?) for $20, which apparently is much too expensive for a thrifted vintage item, but too cheap to be brand new. As soon as I felt it, though, I just couldn't stop myself from making this purchase. Back to seasons.. I cannot wait to layer up in some seriously comfy knits and cozy hues! Fall really is one of my favorite seasons, partially because of its style. I will soon be channeling some fall-like colors which remind me of forests, fallen leaves, and dirt (though actually in the best way possible), which I am extremely psyched for.  
Until later (which will hopefully be soon!),


mary said...

love your outfit! where did you get the ring on your thumb? it looks amazing on you!!

Anonymous said...

gawwwgeous <3


Wida said...

You are so beautiful! This outfit is amazing on you.

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Anisa Young said...

This blue looks AMAZING on you! IT makes your skin pop like crazy! xxAnisa