Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Steel Magnolias

This post's strong accentuation of soft, feminine colors combined with a thoroughly industrial setting reminded me of the women in Steel Magnolias; pretty and delicate, yet at the same time, as tough as nails. As of late, it has been a blast playing the part of Shelby in a production of Steel Magnolias I am currently working on. Such a great show. You know what else is great? Thrifting vintage Levi's like these and chopping the legs off to transform them into cute new high waisted shorts. These are now my most comfortable pair of shorts, all mine $6.50 and five minutes of DIY-ing later.
top - f21, shorts - vintage Levi's & self- cut


Tori said...

I love your outfit! That bag is especially cute:)

Anonymous said...

gorgeousss gal! <3

Anonymous said...

I love your hair!

xo Sherrie
Closet Hound

MargieF said...

i wish i could throw on a top and some shorts and look this good! the effect is lost on me!

Bravoe Runway said...

this is a casual and effortless look but you still look really chic, maybe it is the crisp canvas shoes or your perfect make-up and toussled hair but I love it!

Alice said...

I love this shorts! <3 :D

FrogPrincess said...

You're so beautiful and I love your outfit <3

Jacquelyn said...

Love how casual yet chic this is! Great photos!


Pretty Affair said...

nice pictures, love the laidback outfit and you look gorgeous! i love the layout of your blog too, like the simplicity of it that makes the photos stand out ;)